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Doctorate at Governmnet Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Dr. Varun Chauhan is a highly accomplished virologist and microbiologist with a strong background in molecular biology. He holds a Post Doctorate in Virology from PGIMER, Chandigarh, and a PhD in Microbiology (Parasitology) from Shoolini University. With over 8 years of professional experience, he has worked in various capacities, including as a Scientist-C, Research Scientist, and Assistant Professor. Dr. Chauhan has expertise in bioinformatics, immunology, molecular biology, and microbiology, and has made significant contributions to vaccine development, molecular characterization of infectious diseases, and immunoinformatics.

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Dr. Chauhan has a prolific publication record with numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. He has also filed and published several patents related to vaccine development and anti-parasitic compounds. Additionally, he serves as a reviewer for scientific journals and is a member of scientific committees, showcasing his recognition and involvement in the academic community.


Dr. Chauhan’s academic journey includes a Post Doctorate in Virology from PGIMER, Chandigarh, a PhD in Microbiology (Parasitology) from Shoolini University, an MSc in Microbiology from Bangalore University, and a BSc in Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology from CCS University. His diverse educational background provides a solid foundation for his research endeavors in virology and microbiology.

Research Focus:

Dr. Chauhan’s research primarily focuses on the development of diagnostic methods and vaccines for infectious diseases. He employs bioinformatics tools for genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics analysis, as well as immunoinformatics for epitope prediction and vaccine design. His work spans from molecular characterization of pathogens to the evaluation of potential therapeutic compounds.

Professional Journey:

Dr. Chauhan has a rich professional journey spanning various roles in academia and research institutions. He has served as a Scientist-C at Government Institute of Medical Sciences, a Research Scientist at CSIR-IHBT, and an Assistant Professor at IIMT College of Pharmacy. His experience includes postdoctoral research, senior research fellowships, and teaching assignments, contributing to his comprehensive expertise in the field of virology and microbiology.

Honors & Awards:

Throughout his career, Dr. Chauhan has received numerous honors and awards for his research contributions. These include best poster and oral presentations at international conferences, fellowships, travel grants, and prizes for academic achievements. His notable awards underscore his dedication and excellence in the field of virology and microbiology.

Publications Noted & Contributions:

Dr. Chauhan’s publications cover a wide range of topics including vaccine development, molecular characterization of infectious agents, and immunoinformatics. His research articles have appeared in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, contributing valuable insights to the scientific community. Additionally, his filed and published patents highlight his innovative contributions to combat infectious diseases.

Title: In silico study to predict promiscuous peptides for immunodiagnosis of cystic echinococcosis

  • Year: 2023
  • Publication Type: Journal article
  • Contributors: Dr. Varun Chauhan

Title: A ricin-based peptide BRIP from Hordeum vulgare inhibits Mpro of SARS-CoV-2

  • Journal: Scientific Reports
  • Year: 2022-12
  • Publication Type: Journal article
  • DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-15977-y
  • Contributors: Prakriti Kashyap; Vijay Kumar Bhardwaj; Mahima Chauhan; Dr. Varun Chauhan; Asheesh Kumar; Rituraj Purohit; Arun Kumar; Sanjay Kumar

Title: Excavating SARS‐coronavirus 2 genome for epitope‐based subunit vaccine synthesis using immunoinformatics approach

  • Journal: Journal of cellular physiology
  • Year: 2020-07
  • Publication Type: Journal article
  • Contributors: Dr. Varun Chauhan

Title: Immuno-informatics approach to design a multi-epitope vaccine to combat Cytomegalovirus infection

  • Journal: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Year: 2020-02
  • Publication Type: Journal article
  • Contributors: Dr. Varun Chauhan

Title: Designing a multi-epitope based vaccine to combat Kaposi Sarcoma utilizing immunoinformatics approach

  • Journal: Scientific report
  • Year: 2019
  • Publication Type: Journal article
  • Contributors: Dr. Varun Chauhan

These publications showcase Dr. Varun Chauhan’s research interests and contributions in the field of immunoinformatics and vaccine design, particularly in the context of infectious diseases like COVID-19, cytomegalovirus infection, and Kaposi Sarcoma.

Research Timeline:

Dr. Chauhan’s research timeline showcases his progression from postgraduate studies to his current position as a Scientist-C. It includes his doctoral and postdoctoral research, as well as his involvement in various research projects and collaborations. His timeline reflects a consistent dedication to advancing knowledge in virology and microbiology.

Collaborations and Projects:

Dr. Chauhan has been actively involved in collaborative research projects, both nationally and internationally. He has received grants from prestigious organizations and has participated in workshops, conferences, and symposiums to disseminate research findings and foster collaborations. His collaborative efforts demonstrate a commitment to interdisciplinary research and addressing global health challenges.

Varun Chauhan | Virology | Best Researcher Award

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