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Doctorate at Baghdad college of medical sciences, Iraq

Yasir Qasim Al-Majidi is a distinguished pharmaceutical scientist from Iraq, known for his extensive academic and research contributions in the field of pharmaceutics. He currently holds a PhD from Mustansiriya University and serves as the Dean Assistant and Chief of the Pharmaceutics Department at Baghdad College of Medical Sciences. Yasir’s career spans over a decade, marked by significant achievements in clinical practice, academic teaching, and industry roles.

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Yasir Qasim Al-Majidi has achieved notable recognition in the academic community, reflected in his author metrics. He has garnered 82 citations and 32 documents on Scopus with an H-index of 5, 126 citations and 44 documents on ResearchGate with an H-index of 5, 120 citations and 38 documents on Google Scholar with an H-index of 6, and 52 citations and 31 documents on Web of Science with an H-index of 4. These metrics highlight his impactful contributions to pharmaceutical research.


Yasir’s educational journey began at Al-Kadhimiya Secondary School in Iraq, where he graduated in 2008. He then earned a BSc in Pharmacy from Baghdad College of Pharmacy (Baghdad College of Medical Sciences) in 2013. He pursued further studies at Mustansiriya University, obtaining an MSc in Pharmaceutics in 2018 and a PhD in Pharmaceutics in 2022. His academic background has equipped him with a robust foundation in pharmaceutical sciences.

Research Focus

Yasir’s research is centered on pharmaceutics, with specific interests in biopharmaceutics, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), pharmaceutical calculations, and physical pharmacy. He has also made significant contributions to patent development and quality control in pharmaceutical practices. His work aims to advance the understanding and application of pharmaceutical sciences to improve patient outcomes and healthcare practices.

Professional Journey

Yasir’s professional journey began in 2013 as a technician at Baghdad College of Medical Sciences. He later became an assistant lecturer, where he was responsible for teaching various pharmaceutics-related subjects. His dedication and expertise led to his promotion to Dean Assistant and Chief of the Pharmaceutics Department. Additionally, he has held roles in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical representative, supervisor, and product manager, gaining valuable administrative and managerial skills.

Honors & Awards

Throughout his career, Yasir has received numerous accolades for his academic and professional excellence. He was awarded a PhD in Pharmacy with an Excellent degree (91.5) from Mustansiriya University and an MSc in Pharmacy with a Very Good degree (87.33) from the same institution. He also holds a patent (No. 5166) from the Central Agency for Quality Control and Control, Ministry of Planning/Industrial Property, which underscores his innovative contributions to the field.

Publications Noted & Contributions

Yasir has authored at least 44 research articles and reviews published in both local and international journals, with many indexed in Scopus and Clarivate. His publications cover a wide range of topics within pharmaceutics, demonstrating his comprehensive expertise and commitment to advancing pharmaceutical research. His work has been widely cited, reflecting its impact on the scientific community.

A double-layer cellulose/pectin-soy protein isolate-pomegranate peel extract micro/nanofiber dressing for acceleration of wound healing

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A novel designed nanofibrous mat based on hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose incorporating mango peel extract for potential use in wound care system

  • Journal: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
  • Year: 2024
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A versatile magnetic nanocomposite based on cellulose-cyclodextrin hydrogel embedded with graphene oxide and Cu₂O nanoparticles for catalytic application

  • Journal: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
  • Year: 2024
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2024.129367
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  • Contributors: Almajidi, Y.Q.; Majeed, A.A.; Ali, E.; Abdullaev, S.; Koka, N.A.; Bisht, Y.S.; Fenjan, M.N.; Alawadi, A.; Alsalamy, A.; Saleh, L.H.
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Chitosan-based nanofibrous scaffolds for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications: A comprehensive review

  • Journal: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
  • Year: 2024
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  • Contributors: Almajidi, Y.Q.; Ponnusankar, S.; Chaitanya, M.V.N.L.; Marisetti, A.L.; Hsu, C.-Y.; Dhiaa, A.M.; Saadh, M.J.; Pal, Y.; Thabit, R.; Adhab, A.H. et al.
  • Source: Yasir Q. Almajidi via Scopus – Elsevier

Dendritic cell-derived exosome (DEX) therapy for digestive system cancers: Recent advances and future prospect

  • Journal: Pathology Research and Practice
  • Year: 2024
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.prp.2024.155288
  • EID: 2-s2.0-85190816622
  • ISSN: 16180631, 03440338
  • Contributors: Al-Hawary, S.I.S.; Almajidi, Y.Q.; Bansal, P.; Ahmad, I.; Kaur, H.; Hjazi, A.; Deorari, M.; Zwamel, A.H.; Hamzah, H.F.; Mohammed, B.A.
  • Source: Yasir Q. Almajidi via Scopus – Elsevier

Research Timeline

Yasir’s research activities have been a consistent and integral part of his academic and professional career. Starting from his undergraduate studies, he has continuously contributed to the field of pharmaceutics through his postgraduate education and into his current professional roles. His research timeline illustrates his dedication to exploring and addressing key issues in pharmaceutical sciences.

Collaborations and Projects

Throughout his career, Yasir has collaborated with various international pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. He has played a crucial role in managing medical conferences, designing promotional materials for drugs, and participating in quality control and quality assurance training. His collaborations often involve interdisciplinary projects aimed at enhancing pharmaceutical education and practice, reflecting his commitment to improving healthcare outcomes through innovative research and professional activities.

Yasir Almajidi | Nanotechnology | Best Researcher Award

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