🌟Assoc Prof Dr. Han-Jui Chang, Mechatronics Engineering, Best Researcher Award🏆

 Associate Professor at Shantou University, China

Han-Jui Chang, also known as Henry Chang, was born in July 1974. With extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing, Chang has established a solid reputation in the industrial machine tools and injection molding sectors. Over his 20-year career, he has specialized in customer service, project design, stress analysis, and plant layout, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Chang’s contributions to the field are well-recognized, with numerous publications in high-impact journals. His work is frequently cited, reflecting the significant impact of his research. Chang has authored over 25 peer-reviewed papers, many of which are published in top-tier journals such as Polymers and The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.


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Chang holds a Doctorate in Industrial Education from Universitded Metropolitana (2015-2018), a Master of Science in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering from National Formosa University (2005-2007), and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from I-Shou University (2000-2003). His educational background has provided a strong foundation for his extensive research and professional endeavors.

Research Focus

Chang’s research primarily focuses on injection molding technologies, industrial machine tools, and advanced manufacturing processes. His expertise extends to areas such as liquid silicon rubber (LSR) technology for medical applications, automotive interior and exterior parts manufacturing, and the use of statistical process control (SPC) in injection molding.

Professional Journey

Chang’s professional journey spans several key roles, including Associate Professor at Shantou University since 2019 and previous positions at Lingnan Normal University and Fortune Institute of Technology. His industry experience includes serving as Taiwan Region Manager for Engel Austria GmbH, where he successfully expanded the customer base and introduced new technologies. Chang has also held various engineering and project management roles at FCS Machinery Company and other firms, contributing significantly to their technological advancements.

Honors & Awards

Chang has received numerous honors and awards throughout his career. Notably, he is a member of the USA Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society (2024). He has also been a guest speaker at multiple universities and received several certifications, including the Injection Molding Machine Engineer certificate from the Industrial Development Bureau of Executive Yuan and a utility patent granted by Taiwan’s Patent Bureau.

Publications Noted & Contributions

Chang has made substantial contributions to scientific literature. His notable publications include studies on the optimization of process parameters for Fresnel lenses, multi-objective optimization of unmanned aerial vehicle shells, and deep learning applications in bumper warpage quality improvement. These works demonstrate his commitment to advancing manufacturing technologies and improving product quality through innovative research.

Title: Liquid Silicone Rubber Headlamp Lens Injection Molding Process Optimization Based on Tie Bar Elongation and NSGA III

  • Authors: H. Chang, S. Lu, Y. Sun, R. Wang
  • Journal: Polymers (SCI, Q1)
  • Volume/Issue: 15 (21), 4278
  • Year: 2023

Title: Application of the NSGA-II Algorithm and Kriging Model to Optimise the Process Parameters for the Improvement of the Quality of Fresnel Lenses

  • Authors: H. Chang, Y. Sun, R. Wang, S. Lu
  • Journal: Polymers (SCI, Q1)
  • Volume/Issue: 15 (16), 3403
  • Year: 2023
  • Citations: 1

Title: Barrel Rifling Node Offset Detection and Subsequent Optimization Based on Thin Film IMD Characteristics Johnson-Cook Model

  • Authors: H. Chang, G. Zhang, Y. Sun, S. Lu, R. Wang
  • Year: 2023

Title: Based on Wavelet-Lipschitz Function for Node Detection Method on Armor Subsequent Damage Optimization

  • Authors: H. Chang, Y. Sun, S. Lu, G. Zhang
  • Journal: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (SCI, Q2)
  • Volume/Issue: 1-18
  • Year: 2023
  • Citations: 2

Title: Identifiable Performance Evaluation Methods, Systems and Storage Media Suitable for Injection Molding Machines (Invention Patent)

  • Authors: Zhang Hanrui, Mao Zhongfa, Su Zhiming
  • Patent: CN Patent CN 111861124 A
  • Year: 2023

Research Timeline

Chang’s research timeline is marked by continuous contributions to the field of advanced manufacturing. From his early work on injection molding streamline dynamics in 2007 to recent studies on the optimization of optical liquid silicone components, Chang’s research has consistently addressed critical challenges and introduced new methodologies in manufacturing processes.

Collaborations and Projects

Throughout his career, Chang has collaborated with various academic and industrial partners to advance research and development. His projects have included developing new applications and software for injection molding machines, designing automated factory environments, and pioneering new technologies in medical and automotive manufacturing. These collaborations have been instrumental in driving technological innovations and improving industry standards.

Han-Jui Chang | Mechatronics Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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